Collection: Trenton Stewart Foundation

The Trenton Stewart Foundation was founded in 2023 by Robert and Mandi Stewart.
Trenton‘s parents went through everyone’s worst nightmare on May 9, 2023, with a knock on their door, and learning that someone going the wrong way hit their child head-on, and he passed away.   
There is no way to ever heal from that, but stepping up and deciding that your child’s legacy will change the future of other children, drives them to keep his memory alive.  
This foundation will be asking for support in several ways. There will be fundraising events, there will be grant writing, there will be scholarships given. 
You see, our time on this planet is short...Trenton’s was cut short unfairly. That will not be the end of his positive influence on the universe. The life of an athlete is a special one. When you raise a child around sports, they become part of a family that continues to grow stronger through the years. 
I think it is very clear to everyone the impact that sports had on beautiful for him to continue to shine and help future athletes.
Please keep The Trenton Stewart Foundation in your mind and your heart.